The bathroom is often neglected when designing or building a home. However, it is never too late to make it a pleasant piece by subscribing a credit works.

Synonymous with hygiene and well-being, the bathroom must be given special attention. Choice of color, materials, laying a tiled floor or paneling on the walls, installation of a hydromassage shower … There are many works that can be undertaken in a bathroom. Discover the characteristics of credit work to finance this type of project.

Why renovate your bathroom?

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The bathroom is an important part of your home. Each person spends an average of 30 minutes to an hour a day. It is therefore essential to make it as pleasant as possible by doing some work.

Achieve energy savings

By renovating your bathroom, you can first save energy. Indeed, the new equipment is designed to consume much less water than an old faucet, a bathtub or an old-fashioned flush.

Combine functionality and design

This renovation then combines functionality and design. The new bathroom furniture is more original and offers useful storage. For example, some washbasins adapt perfectly to the needs of the occupants of the dwelling.

Win in comfort

Shower head not wide enough, sink too low, shower too narrow … The old equipment often turns out to be inappropriate. The installation of new accessories is essential to gain comfort. In general, it is advisable to opt for the installation of a shower rather than a bathtub to save space and save water.

What is the cost of a bathroom renovation?

What is the cost of a bathroom renovation?

Redoing a bathroom costs between 3,000 and 10,000 dollars on average. But the price can be much higher depending on the nature of the work envisaged, the obsolescence of the room and the desired equipment. It takes a few hundred dollars to change the furniture, a basin or faucet, nearly 2,000 dollars to install a walk-in shower. Finally, if you want to review the overall layout of this room, you will need the expertise of a plumber or an electrician which will necessarily cost more.

Finance your projects with a credit works

Finance your projects with a credit works

To realize your bathroom renovation projects, you can subscribe a credit works. This consumer credit is for homeowners and tenants alike. It allows borrowing a larger amount than the personal loan. In addition, you do not have to buy borrower insurance.

Currently, the rates of the work credits remain advantageous. It is possible to find a loan of 3,000 to 5,000 dollars at a rate of 1%, to be repaid in 12 months. You want to find a credit work quickly to redo your bathroom? Feel free to compare offers by completing this free form and no obligation.

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